End of Phase 3

During the Summer of 2021, both of the magnets manufactured during Phase 3 have undergone warm magnetic measurements.

What has been done during Phase 3?

On 23rd November 2018, Sigmaphi and Elytt Energy were awarded the Work Order III for QUACO PCP project. 

HL-LHC prepares its Construction Phase

QUACO cited by the European Commission as a successful Horizon 2020 project.

RfT for Phase 3

RfT for Phase 3 is ongoing. Winning tenderers will be announced 5 November.


Evaluation of Phase 2

Evaluation of Phase 2 has started. Results in September.

Phase 2 is nearly completed

Phase 2 of the QUACO PCP project started on 4 July 2017, with contracts awarded to the three winning companies of the tendering, Antec/Tecnalia Consortium, Elytt Energy and Sigmaphi.

The Phase 2 mid-phase review meetings

The Phase 2 mid-phase review meetings with all the companies will take place between 5 and 13 March.

Development of MQYY: A 90-mm NbTi Double Aperture Quadrupole Magnet for HL-LHC

In the context of the HL-LHC project, a NbTi double aperture quadrupole magnet called MQYY is being developed. This 90-mm-aperture quadrupole magnet has a magnetic length of 3.67 m and an operating gradient of 120 T/m at 1.9 K


HiLumi industry day 22-23 May 2016 Warrington

QUACO will be present in HiLumi Industry Day In Warrington (UK) on 22-23 May.

Start of Phase 2

Phase 2 has started. The companies who were awarded a contract for the second phase are Antec / Tecnalia Consortium, Sigmaphi and Elytt.