What has been done during Phase 3?

What has been done during Phase 3?

On 23rd November 2018, Sigmaphi and Elytt Energy were awarded the Work Order III for QUACO PCP project.

Since then, Sigmaphi and Elytt Energy have worked to finalize the fabrication of scaled mock-up coils that demonstrate some key aspects of the technical solutions that they had proposed in the previous phases.  The results of the mock-ups, in both companies, provided the green light to start manufacturing a trial full-scale coil. These trials were meant to qualify and validate the full coil fabrication process.

On August 2019, the Buyers Group (composed by CERN, CEA, Ciemat and NCBJ) reviewed the results of the trial coils. These results provided confidence that Sigmaphi and Elytt were ready to start manufacturing the two pilots’ double-aperture quadrupole correctors.

At today, the companies have well completed the manufacturing tooling of the magnet assembly equipment and of the magnet components, and the dedicated support fixtures that allow proper positioning of the magnet for mechanical and magnetic measurements. Both companies have also successfully completed the manufacturing of the first series coils and are preparing to assemble these coils to produce the first aperture of the quadrupole magnet. Together with the Buyers Group are analyzing the data gathered during the mechanical and the electrical tests. These data will be used for the manufacturing of the apertures and for the preparation of the magnetic measurements.

You can find more information about the activities that both companies are doing in the LinkedIn and Twitter profile of QUACO.