What has been done during Phase 3?

On 23rd November 2018, Sigmaphi and Elytt Energy were awarded the Work Order III for QUACO PCP project. 

HL-LHC prepares its Construction Phase

QUACO cited by the European Commission as a successful Horizon 2020 project.

Evaluation of Phase 2

Evaluation of Phase 2 has started. Results in September.

Phase 2 is nearly completed

Phase 2 of the QUACO PCP project started on 4 July 2017, with contracts awarded to the three winning companies of the tendering, Antec/Tecnalia Consortium, Elytt Energy and Sigmaphi.

The Phase 2 mid-phase review meetings

The Phase 2 mid-phase review meetings with all the companies will take place between 5 and 13 March.

Development of MQYY: A 90-mm NbTi Double Aperture Quadrupole Magnet for HL-LHC

In the context of the HL-LHC project, a NbTi double aperture quadrupole magnet called MQYY is being developed. This 90-mm-aperture quadrupole magnet has a magnetic length of 3.67 m and an operating gradient of 120 T/m at 1.9 K


HiLumi industry day 22-23 May 2016 Warrington

QUACO will be present in HiLumi Industry Day In Warrington (UK) on 22-23 May.

Start of Phase 2

Phase 2 has started. The companies who were awarded a contract for the second phase are Antec / Tecnalia Consortium, Sigmaphi and Elytt.

QUACO contract award notice (ted) Phase 2

QUACO contract award notice for Phase 2 can now be viewed in EU's Tenders electronic daily (Ted).

End of Phase 1

Four companies – Antec/Tecnalia Consortium, Elytt Energy, Sigmaphi and Tesla Engineering – were awarded a contract for QUACO PCP in November 2016.