Del. No

Deliverable Name



Planned Delivery Date

Actual Delivery Date

Status Comments
D2.1 Open Market consultation 2 M1 26/04/2016 Achieved Report
D9.1  NEC - Requirement No. 1 1 M2 31/03/2016 Achieved Report confidential
D3.1 Launching the call for tender for phase 1 3 M3 20/06/2016 Achieved Report confidential
D1.1 Data Management Plan 1 M6 30/08/2016 Achieved Report
D3.2 Closing the call for tender for phase 1 3 M6 08/09/2016 Achieved Report
D8.1 Dissemination Plan 8 M7 17/10/2016 Achieved Report
D7.1 Assessment & evaluation of the 1st PCP phase results 7 M7 17/11/2016 Achieved Report confidential
D1.2 Review of the first project phase 1 M9 12/12/2016 Achieved Report confidential
D4.1 Call-off for starting phase 2 (engineering design) 4 M15      
D7.2 Assessment & evaluation of the 2nd PCP phase results 7 M16      
D1.3 Review of the second project phase 1 M17      
D5.1 Call-off for pilot magnets manufacturing 5 M27      
D7.3 Assessment & evaluation of the 3rd PCP phase results 7 M28      
D8.2 Exploitation Plan 8 M47      
D6.1 First-of-a-kind pilot magnets 6 M48      


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